vrijdag 17 april 2015

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Why, it's a new Quick Fire Friday segment rolling out in front of you! The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday section is a feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess and our melodic belief…  And we do believe!

The Loranes – She Ain´t You

Since Rock´N Roll is not rocket science it only needed three guys, one jam and some drinks to start The Loranes in October 2014. Mammut (Fuzz-Sound Bassplayer, Ex-Kadavar), Elias (1953er Drumsetter) and Pat (Singer and Guitarist) verify that with their Blues-Garage-Rock´N Roll Songs. And since it is about time to hit us with their debut album they now treat us to a seven inch. Just hear their contagious energy and fun on their first single: She Ain’t You. Nope, she isn't. But she dances just as sexy!

Blind Idiot God – Before Ever After

Did you know the reformation of Blind Idiot God has finally led to a new album? Why yes! The band formed in 1982 has now released their fourth album Before Ever After. As chaotic and noise loving as ever it takes their crusade for mathematical clamor to its natural conclusion. This is not a fairytale but a push for something holy. A new work to learn from and a definitive promise for some new elemental. O’ and did we mention it will be released in a luscious triple-gatefold artwork by Seldon Hunt on Invisible Music? Time to finally discover the alchemic process to make gold…

Prehistoric Pigs – Shut Up, It’s Raining Yolks

We still can’t get enough of the split these Italian freaks delivered with Electric Taurus last year. But the Prehistoric Pigs never sit still. So, onwards and upwards towards a new album in 2015. Feast your ears on the first song released for said upcoming record. Just shut up and listen. Just Shut Up, It’s Raining Yolks. Hallelujah!

Längfinger – Mangas Coloradas

Single Mangas Coloradas by Långfinger is the A-side, taken from the 7" single with the same name which was released at the end of March. It was Recorded during a windy weekend in December 2013 at Orkesterfabriken, Orust, Sweden, with the Asp mobile unit. Recorded and engineered by Alexander Asp. But that’s just technical detail and otherwise stuff we do not necessarily need to pay attention to. No, we just need to listen, saddle up our horses and head on out! Music for the steppe and desert landscapes and fast horses, heading off towards the horizon. For glory and gold!

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