woensdag 15 april 2015

Powered Wig Machine – Supa-Collider

Powered Wig Machine – Supa-Collider
Battleground Records – 2015
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Blues
Rated: ****

Southern Arizona’s Powered Wig Machine released their well-received damn fine Supa-Collider album one year ago around March 2014. Listening to the record for a years’ worth only made our eagerness to see a vinyl release grow and grow. So we are extremely pleased to finally get our grubby hands on said release via Battleground Records. Featuring the Highish Noon bonus track. Ooh yes, ofcourse we’ve been grooving and rolling through their dusty stoner and bluesy desert rock for over a year. So we know what we’re going to be enjoying. But looking at the cover artwork, finally in its justified form, and then opening and enjoying first the comic style drawings before emerging oneself in the lyrical world of the Powered Wig Machine has the anticipation soaring and has you chuckling your giddiness out loud. You take out the translucent green with black and orange splatter, look at the details and put the needle down. The stomp and grind of At The Helm Of Hades kicks in and sends you off on a Supa-Collider adventure. That sound, that crackle and richness. That’s how we love it! And it ends with bonus kick in the nuts Highish Noon, ‘slow in the sack, quick on the gun’! Catchy as hell, with enough room for a desert to live in and solo work that makes you go berserk. It looks like a bright Powered Wig Machine future has begun!!

(Written by JK)

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