donderdag 19 februari 2015

Reverend Snow – El Bandero

Reverend Snow – El Bandero
Self released – 2014
Fuzzed Blues, Stoner, Psychedelic
Rated: ****

Reverend Snow hail from Canada and bring us Fuzz freak outs with psychedelic heavy rock tunes that can melt speakers and brains. Incorporating styles from the early electric blues genre - Cream, the first Zepp album, there is also a healthy nod to Mountain and their brand of Southern heavy rock. Although full of hard rock workouts, there are some slower numbers but never fear because everything is smothered in frenzied guitar soloing, making full use of fuzz box and wah-wah to get your juices flowing. The songs have a looseness to them that hint of jamming being recorded live in the studio. If you want some scorching riff work, give this a listen. If you have ever blissed out to the first Stooges album (and if you read this blog, you must have!) and wondered if you would ever hear such distortion abuse on another record in your lifetime, although never quite scaling the sonic heights of Ron Ashton, this may whet your appetite. And because they are good guys, it is available as Pay What You Want from Bandcamp.

(Written by Tony)

Thanks to Lucas and his new You May Be Dead And Dreaming blog for the heads up!

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