woensdag 18 februari 2015

Pneu – Destination Qualite

Pneu – Destination Qualite
Head Records – 2014
Math, Noise, Instrumental
Rated: ***

Here is some crazed instrumental chaos from a French duo named Pneu. Brutal, fast noise rock - the drummer sounds like he is playing two kits at the same time and fuck knows what drugs the guitar player has taken - thick fuzz guitar tones envelop the tunes, with feedback white-noise buried in the mix. This is like World War III going off in your head but much more fun - it made me jump up and down. A dense wall of sound that assaults the senses with feedback guitar, heavy grooves and pounding drums. The more I play it, the more I doubt my ears - am I hearing subtle riffs behind the background chaos or is it the sheer fuzziness and distortion that is confusing me? There are also elements of eastern scales and some sort of ethnic stringed instrument that drifts in and out that sounds like snippets from the soundtrack of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Strong, frantic, heavy and chaotic all spring to mind when these French guys do their thang. Which is a compelling mix of Math-rock, instrumental and Noise-rock. This band is very much like a more tuneful ‘Lightning Bolt’. You will either know what this means or you are reading the wrong blog.

(Written by Tony)

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