woensdag 25 februari 2015

John Coffey – The Great News

John Coffey – The Great News
V2 – 2015
Rock, Punk, Core
Rated: ****

The boys from John Coffey are touring relentlessly all across the Netherlands, the countries bordering that weird little nation and are starting to even make a name outside of their very own heavy rocking and heavy partying circle of friends. And with a one minute spot in the most watched program on Dutch TV you know their new album The Great News will do even better. It is their third full-sized album and one that explores much more possibilities then the ones that came before. With what seems to be no effort at all they expertly use melodies to complement their aggressive banging. It is exactly this side of the carousing moustaches that has you immediately recognizing their greatness. Just watch those guitar lines go berserk and the vocalist go crazy; in opposite directions. This is raw and rough with a damn catchy edge. And then there’s that eerie trumpet call. Calling all sombrero wearing crazies out of the bushes and into the fray. Join in the parade, join in the battle. There is no denying the simple fact that the new John Coffey is an amazing album, and then to think they’re even better live… Holy hell! Read the news! Read the news! John Coffey is going on a rampage all across the globe!

(Written by JK)

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