maandag 12 januari 2015

Tony Maim's - Personal Top 20

Tony Maim's Personal Top 20

(Due to certain historical events Tony Maim is now unable to even smell a whisky without wanting to evacuate the contents of his stomach. However: "I can sing the praise of Stella Artois!" And we can quote him on that! Which we just did.)

2014 brought me a lengthy period of redundancy. I found I needed a break from blogging and heavy music in general and to my surprise found myself digging early raw funk, some Frank Sinatra swing albums, James Brown ‘73-75 and really gorged myself on outtakes and live shows from Miles Davis and his “electric” phase.

Life back in order, the end of summer found myself diving head first back into the underground for my heavy sounds. Lots of great stuff released in the doom/stoner/pysch/classic rock genres + some fantastic mixes of all. Hardcore punk seemed to stagnate with lot of cut’n’paste bands using cookie monster vocalists. Fucked Up and Young Widows produced stand out albums but I did not include in this list.

Hopefully 2015 will bring some more sounds that will make me want to jump up and down.

Albums in order.

3.    Chuck Norris Experiment – Right between The Eyes
8.    Dopelord – Black Arts, Riff Worship &Weed Cult
13.    Boris - Noise
14.    Slow Season – Mountain
15.    Blood Farmers – Headless Eyes
16.    Witch Charmer – The Great Depression
17.    Vega – S/T
18.    Black Moth – Condemned To Hope

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  1. Beauty! I keep meaning to check out that Slow Season but I've been a-stragglin'!

  2. And I've discovered John Gallow's Violet Dreams album thanks to you LK!