woensdag 28 januari 2015

Mlah! – Mlah!

Mlah! – Mlah!
Self released – 2014
Rock, Core, Metal, Punk, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

They hail from Paris and are inspired by band such as Sleep, Black Sabbath and Acid Bath. But on their first five song EP they sport definite memories of the early hardcore and even some crossover thrash. Think Life Of Agony or Merauder. And even though it might slow down considerably on most moments in respect to Merauder and even though they might aim for stoner riffs and that low-end groove; it is the history of the different parts of the band that make up their color. For the four members of Mlah! earned their spurs in hardcore bands such as 6DTC, Forest In Blood and We… The Animals. Do we mind? Should they forget their past? Hell no! For the aggressive howling, the battering drums and the fast flying riffs that peel the skin your flesh one moment and then slowly turn your skeleton into little bare bone puppets make you relive your past. And remember those great pit moments and loose teeth… Mlah!

(Written by JK)

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