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Mammatus Cloud has coffee with the good Doktor420…

Mammatus Cloud has coffee with the good Doktor420…

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.”  ~ David Lynch

Do you follow the Stoner HiVe?
André: “Not follow, but I’ve been there a couple of time. And we LOVE coffee!”

Introduce the band please.
André: “My name is André and I’m the lead vocalist and play guitar in Mammatus Cloud. We exist since 2008. Besides me there's Peter on bass, Ditte on guitar and vocals and Martin on drums. We have made about 3 demos that never got anywhere and then this EP in April 2013. And we have also recorded a single that basically only needs a label to fund it. We are from the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus, the same city as Magnified Eye.”

Do you hang around with those guys?
André: “Oh yeah, with Bong, their bass player... They are really cool guys.”

How old are you guys?
André: “We are all in our 30s, I believe that Martin, as the youngest, is 32, and Peter is 39.”

What kind of music/bands are you diggin'?
André: “Well, I grew up on rock: The Who and all that... But my teen rebellion was death metal and that progressed into a lot of different genres... But that was before the internet. Growing up in a small city really narrowed my chances to hear new music and genres. I actually started playing metal with Peter 20 years ago... And now we are playing together again. Peter was into the whole metal scene as well in the early 90´s. Martin and myself had a band with Bong from Magnified Eye, a couple of years back, some kind of desert/stoner... But we never released anything.  Unfortunately it didn't work out with the singer we had at the time... He used to be the singer of a psychobilly band from Aarhus (Godless Wicked Creeps) but he lived 100km from us, so we barely got to rehearse.”

But now all band members live close and you're able to meet often - that's pretty important I reckon.
André: “Yeah, in Mammatus Cloud we live within a fair distance of one another.”

I presume you do all the recording yourself?
André: “Yeah... In our rehearsal space, but not on the EP... A guy from another city wanted to record us live for free, so we went for it, just to try something new. But he was really weird about the whole recording process and I couldn't really communicate with him.”

In what way was he weird? And did it hurt the recording process? Or perhaps add something good to it?
André:  “He was from another planet, it was as if we didn’t even speak the same language. Yeah, it put a bad vibe on the whole recording process, and it should have been a really cozy recording session. We were installed in an apartment above the studio, and we all had our girlfriends with us for the whole weekend… Half of them pregnant. Our "off" time was good, but the recording days was awful, bad headphones mix, etc.”

So that EP is a live recording?
André: “Yeah, we recorded all the music live at Horsens DIY.” 

Did you have audience?
André: “No, unfortunately not, that would have been cool. We weren't sure if we wanted to use the material. We agreed in the band that the sound and "overall feeling" of the EP should be kept as it was recorded - raw! We finally decided that we should mix it ourselves at my home studio. The vocals where recorded by our good friend Mads in my home city. And now we are looking for a new place to rehearse, where we can build a small studio. And if we find one. Well, we are gonna do a lot of recordings this year.”

Where can people get their hands on your EP?
André: “Yeah, at Bandcamp and our Facebook page... I think we even have a Myspace page, but we don’t check it that often though.”

Do you have pressed copies or only burned?
André: “We have pressed digipacks, they look awesome!”

What was the greatest moment for Mammatus Cloud?
André: “Phew, we had a lot of great moments with the band, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. But we played at ‘frøstruplejren’ (sort of like Christiania, just way cooler) 40th anniversary, and that was a great honor for us.”

How are things going now and what does the future hold for Mammatus Cloud?
André: “We disbanded in July 2014, unfortunately. We had a great run for 6 years, and we closed the "shop" as friends, just like we started. Don’t worry, we are still doing our stoner-shit. But harder and heavier and sometimes slower than we did previously... Still melodic though. We are working on songs, and we tend to do more "doomy" stuff, and more heavy riff based stuff this time. It is a new project. As of yet nameless. But once we know, you will know…”

(Written by Doktor420)

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