donderdag 12 juni 2014

Black Stone Cherry – Magic Mountain

Black Stone Cherry – Magic Mountain
Roadrunner/Warner – 2014
Rock, Southern, Hard
Rated: ***

On their fourth album Magic Mountain the boys from Black Stone Cherry show us once again what we all love about that low swinging, bourbon guzzling, slow blues tinted hard rock we christened Southern Rock so many years ago. Not all of the tracks have the attention grabbing heat that most of those Southern songs have; but when a song like Me And Mary Jane starts blowing its sweetness there’s no escaping the universal head nod. Sure it’s about a love lost long ago or perhaps a vice he’s been loving and smoking for ages? Whatever it may be, it has dueling guitars that rustle, grind, squeak and crackle exactly like guitars should. This is music about showing your guns and gritting your teeth. But on those songs where the boys refuse to do that themselves their spirits loses energy and the tracks peter out… But when Fiesta Del Fuego rolls around the music sure has you wrapped up tight once again. Too bad that on that track the lyrics aren’t up to par with their earlier work. That’s also a big point on certain other songs which have you believe they are opting for a spot on the even more commercial roster; which should never be the goal but a lucky coincidence. C’mon guys, go back to the bbq, grill a steak, guzzle some foul tasting whisky and taste that Kentucky air. And realize you’re meant to make fight music for the brave and the crazies. Forget the rest…

(Written by JK)

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