donderdag 22 mei 2014

Gingerpig – Hidden From View

Gingerpig – Hidden From View
Suburban – 2013
Rock, Hard, Prog
Rated: ****

Their debut album The Ways Of The Gingerpig by Boudewijn Bonebakkers new outfit Gingerpig was a classy and successful adventure into the world of classic hardrock, blues, seventies rock and progressive currents. And as lover of those golden eras you could taste the pure love the guys themselves have for that time period with ever note and every melody. So after that first album; we could only wait for the next one and hope it would be just as good. Especially when news came of the departure of organ man Jarno van Es. What would that do to the sound? Well, Hidden From View continues on where the debut left us. The trio has once again delivered damn fine songs which are once again dyed with Hammond, jazzy drum fills and groovy percussion. The biggest difference is probably the feeling of the songs; much more concrete and less jammy. Even though their eclectic nature has not diminished one bit. With Run they start their raid, Nothing is the hard rocking winner and closing track Ugly Heart is the shiny black prize in the end. Brilliant!

And now we can only wait once more for their new stuff. This time around bassist Sytse Roelevink has left the band and Stef Gubbels from !Pendejo! has joined the band. What will that do?

(Written by JK)


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