donderdag 24 april 2014

Triggerfinger – By Absence Of The Sun

Triggerfinger – By Absence Of The Sun
Excelsior – 2014
Rated: *****
Ofcourse we all loved the acoustic teacup Lykke Li cover I Follow Rivers. And indeed we all dug all those other cover songs like Man Down from Rihanna. But now the boys are back with some hefty true original Triggerfinger gold. And not even for a moment do they try to go for something similar and not ever for one second does it sound like the boys were tempted to search for some new single success. They go for the gusto in a big way, a dirty way and a growling thunderous way. On their fourth album By Absence Of The Sun the Belgian trio sounds filthy, adventurous and as good as they did on their first two records. The groove is darker and deeper, the sound wider and the possibilities endless. Which can be attested by the last track alone; a remix of the song First Taste featuring Wu-Tang Clan’s very own Method Man called This Is The One. And then there’s the single Perfect Match which sounds like a throwback to and a mix of glam, dance and pop. Their expert use of riffs, rhythms and beats turn their melodies and rock on most of the other songs into much more than most bands will ever able to. Malicious guitars and heavy breathing lead the way. And underneath is all is their growling soul and funk that has been propelling the sexy Triggerfinger energy ever forward and every higher. The night is dark and full of Triggerfinger…
(Written by JK)

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  1. i m wondering what bubba's thoughts are about the latest triggerfinger album...!??