vrijdag 25 april 2014

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday
And we're back with new Quick Fire fun! The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segment is a weekly feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess and our melodic belief… 

MIST – Demo 2013
The Slovenian doom metal ladies MIST are set to embark on their first ever European mini-tour by the end of May. A perfect moment to give their 2013 Demo a little attention which was recorded as a quintet; but they now perform as a foursome. And their eighties sounding seventies tempo sounds like an occult march of despair and surrender. Especially opener Phobia, which features damn fine riffs and equally good vocals shines red with blood. Check’em out and go see them live!


Bright Curse – Bright Curse
Another band that is about to hit the stage is the London born psychedelic doom trio Bright Curse who are playing at Desert Fest London this Sunday. Their selftitled debut EP was released in 2012 and features five tasty doom tracks that meander from stoner to fuzz and weaves it all with natural psychedelic currents. Moody, groovy and dark. Thunderous, ponderous and with an brilliant, hypnotic eternal spark!

Junior Bruce – The Nomad

The amazing Junior Bruce is about to release a new full-length record somewhere on the tail-end of 2014. But before that joyous time arrives they already treat us to a follow-up EP for their heavy earlier effort called The Burden. This one is named The Nomad and bears two blazing hot stoner sludge metal tracks that are as gritty and filthy as anything you can think off. So break your fingers and break your neck; cause the brutal Junior Bruce is back!

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