zaterdag 26 april 2014

Brave Black Sea – Fragments

Brave Black Sea – Fragments
V2 – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Desert
Rated: ****
My obsession with everything even remotely affiliated with the Rancho De La Luna studio and all the music coming from the Coachella Valley and Palm Desert borders on the insane. Most of the time news about new projects and recordings or possible collaborations reach me early. Therefor the report that Brave Black Sea was formed arrived somewhere in 2013. It then slipped my mind and suddenly their debut album Fragments slapped me in my face. Formed by the Sloburners Damon Garrison and Chris Hale who quickly enlisted the help from old friend and Slo-Burn band buddy Alfredo Hernandez to ‘finish what they started’ back in the late nineties. They got a hold of touring expert Clint Cunningham to fulfill the bass duties and off they went. Back towards the history they made and the future they want to reach. No need to re-invent themselves, just turn on the generators and let that desert heat blow its dusty rock all around you. Highly repetitive riffs and pounding drums lead the way while Damon’s vocals remind of something grungy and raw. Like a perfect mixture of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Slo-Burn, Across The River, Kyuss and an Orquesta Del Desierto feeling. Indeed, seminal desert rock, uncompromising and sandy…
(And just so you know, all you lovely Dutch and Belgian freaks; they’re playing in Wortel on 21/06 together with the new Eindhoven rockcity sensation: Wolfskop! Which we will mention tomorrow!)
(Written by JK)

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