dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Ogre – The Last Neanderthal

Ogre – The Last Neanderthal
Minotauro Records 2013
Doom Metal, Traditional Doom 
Rated: ****

Ogre, hailing from Maine, have been chumming the doom metal waters since the early 2000s. After a brief breakup in 2009, the power trio reunited, toured a bit, hit the studio, and churned out a traditional doom showcase in The Last Neanderthal. Ogre are a classic example of all-things-70’s worship. Nothing on The Last Neanderthal is groundbreaking, but then, it doesn’t try to be. Heck, even the title of the album gives us a hint at what Ogre are, three brutes who hold strong to a Neolithic (well, at least in Rock’s timeline) form even as today’s music grows ever so modern. The album is composed of upbeat, boogie rockers (“Nine Princes in Amber”, “Soulless Woman”) and sludgy doom marches (“Bad Trip”, “Warpath”, and the colossal ten minute closer “The Hermit”). Yours truly can be quite guilty of making too many vocal comparisons to Ozzy, yet this time there’s really no better comparison you could make to singer Ed Cunningham who channels that classic nasally croon aptly. Ogre are at their most interesting when they sprinkle bits of psychedelia into their doom formula a la “Warpath” and “White Plume Mountain”, as well as when guitarist Ross Markonish is able to create fire with his guitar. Much like cold beer, The Last Neanderthal hits the spot no matter how many you’ve chugged down before.

(Written by Matthew McGarity)


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