dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Mudfest – III

Mudfest - III

It’s time to head south and drown ourselves in mud this weekend. For it’s time for the third edition of Mudfest! Once again held in Perron55 in Venlo, Netherlands the two-day festival features a truckload of heavy goodness. Starting with three bands on the free of charge night on Friday; and continuing the next day with no less than eleven formations for only twenty-five Euros. Stonerfront Nijmegen, Downfall of Gaia and Abrahma open on Friday. And the Saturday features: Acid Deathtrip, Wangunst, Rorcal, Mantra Machine, Pilgrim, Throw Me In The Crater, Pendejo, Gigatron2000, Atlantis, Windhand and Toner Low. Holy freakin hell; what a line-up. So let’s all head over to Venlo and drink good beer among good people!

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