dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Doctor Smoke – Demo

Doctor Smoke – Demo
Self Released – 2013
Doom, Retro, Stoner
Rated: ***

Is there a band that better captures the vibe of Halloween season than Pentagram? Possibly no. Obscure, cultish lyrics, syrupy Sabbath charged riffing, and of course those patented Bobby Liebling vocals. Well, tis the season for a new band that worships at the altar of Pentagram, and Doctor Smoke – hailing from Ohio USA- deliver the goods in spades. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Tluchowski is a black belt in Pentagram vocal stylings, always cool and never going over the top with it. However the real highlight on this demo is the riffs, nothing groundbreaking obviously, but the two opening tracks swing and groove in such a satisfying, irresistible manner you’ll swear you were at some degenerate, doped-up garage party circa 1974. The ensuing cuts are also solid with “The Seeker” starting off on a Pentagram “Petrified” type front, before uprooting itself into a barreling stomp back into the same delicious stoner groove found earlier. Of course, the sermon ends with an ode to Doctor Smoke’s patriarch of this flavor of rock in the form of solid cover of “Sign of the Wolf”.  This is highly recommended to retro doom enthusiasts and anyone who fancy’s the days of yore when dark, groovy, doom put a malicious smile on your face. 

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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