maandag 1 juli 2013

The Dive – Zo’e

The Dive – Zo’e
Spinalonga – 2013
Alternative, Psychedelic, Hard Rock
Rated: ***

2013’s Zo’e starts off simply enough; hard riffs, a throbbing bass line, understated vocals, a serious alternative/90s vibe. It’s a pretty nice way to kick off a pleasant hard rock session. However, Greece’s The Dive start incorporating some pretty interesting psychedelic moments during the second half of the album’s trim, half hour run time. Take “Walking on Behalf of” for example, a bluesy, hard/loud type track that gets progressively more Psychedelic (complete with acid soaked howling). “Wolff’s Law” has some prominent whistling to go with a slick stoner riff, its over before you know it though and headfirst we go into the albums three-part closer “Zo’e” which is about as close to sprawling as the album gets. And that’s the nice thing about Zo’e, it focuses its stoner tunes into bite size chunks that never overstay their welcome and stay with the listener without never ending repetition.

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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