vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Soul Sister Dance Revolution – Playground Kids

Soul Sister Dance Revolution – Playground Kids
Homebass – 2013
Rock, Pop, Indie, Stoner
Rated: **

Back in the summer of 2009 somewhere around The Hague, The Netherlands five guys found each other and decided to start a Revolution. Ofcourse this band has little to do with Dance or Soul but so much more with catchy indie and poppy stoner. They named themselves Soul Sister Dance Revolution and implored influences from Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal from the other side of the big pond. And load of British groove like the Arctic Monkeys or Kasabian have got going on. The result is energetic and loaded with hooks and worms. Not every song has the same amount of fun layers hidden and overall quality; but then again it is only their debut album and after all they’re just Playground Kids messing around. On the other hand; a little more hair on their balls, a few more hazardous stunts with fire and a decent amount of nights in the gutter and this could turn into something dangerous and exciting.

(Written by JK)

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