maandag 24 juni 2013

Weedpecker – Berenja Pipe / Mindbreath

Weedpecker – Berenja Pipe / Mindbreath single
Self released – 2013
Stoner, Psych, Grunge
Rated: ***

As new and fresh as the latest baggie of Hindu Kush, Polands Weedpecker play a heady mix of stoner rock, psychedelic, and grunge and they’ve decided to whet our beaks with two singles off their forthcoming debut album.  “Berenja Pipe” locks in with a plodding, thick-as-molasses riff that serves as a launching pad for some fun psychedelic lead work and gruff, shouted vocals a la 90s grunge (think Gonga). Occasionally Weedpecker go into some vocal harmonizing that’s pretty uncommon in the Stonerscape and works well. The next and last track “Mindbreath” picks up the pace with a snarling main riff and liberal use of the vocal harmonies mentioned earlier. We should certainly be looking forward to the full-length and so should you if you dig bands like Acrimony, Iota, Black Heat Shujaa….

Side Note: The artwork –a naked babe smoking a spliff  and chilling in a field of pot- is wicked but I can’t figure out what that thing she’s leaning up on is… Some  strange combination of bony, human limbs, feathers and what appears to be a bird skull?? Please assist me in the comments!

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Name your price for these excellent tracks! Diggin it!

  2. Thanks doodz Hey Matt that's the WeedPecker on the cover.


  3. I half remember something like that bird/skull/feathers thing in "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. Possibly some sort of Norse thing, although I have smoked a lot of doobies since I read that book!

  4. Or it's a Dead Crooked Vulture?

    I read that book though, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. Whole album already in bandcamp dudes!