maandag 17 juni 2013

Sleestak – Book of Hours

Sleestak – Book of Hours (EP)
Self released – 2013
Rock, Metal, Psychedelic, Doom
Rated: ***

My first experience with Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Sleestak –named after a fictional character from Land of the Lost- came in the form of their mind-expanding half-hour jam session EP The Fall of Altrusia. The group took listeners on a rocket ship through the solar system and pretty much straight into the heart of the sun with a true space rock gem. With Book of Hours the group takes a much different approach by ramping up the detuned riffs, tossing in some vocal efforts and actually penning a few songs. The result? A much different beast that may alienate the space cadets who took flight with Altrusia as well as win fans who gravitate more towards good old fashion stoner metal.  ‘Seven Sorrows’ is a good example of the new Sleestak with suffocating guitar riff heaviness and a newfound speed element. The middle part of the EP starts to give more hints at Sleestak’s spacier side with echoed vocals and guitar effects galore. “Lone Wolf” is the albums slow burner and gets downright psychedelic with its opening wolf howl and use of a piano. Book of Hours is a well-crafted, more lucid side a Sleestak that shows a clear progression from the spacier side of life.

 (Written by Matthew McGarity)

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  1. I definitly dig it! Still think it has some space age qualities to it!