vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Polarbeers – Polarbeers

Polarbeers – Polarbeers
Self released – 2013
Rock, Punk, Grunge, Stoner
Rated: *****

Formed in 2007 the Milan based Polarbeers have gone through many line-up changes before finally arriving at a comfortable, steady and exciting trio. Which ofcourse calls for a celebration; which they did in the form of a full-sized self-titled debut album. Re-recording the songs from their first two EP’s Everywhere But Home from 2010 and Tetris from 2011 and adding some intros, intermissions and extra tracks. Combining it all to reach a tracklisting of no less than eighteen songs. If the amici had not revisited their earlier songs the album would have been a confetti-explosion of different styles and energies. But now, even though it is still a highly eclectic record, there is something that ties it all together. It’s their exuberance, playfulness and their very own energy that binds their moves from punk to grunge and on to stoner and even a bit of sludge together. It’s sheer heavy magic that allows the gritty riffs but also for an abundance of hooks and melodies and it flows across this record, and it’s all thanks to these three guys fitting perfectly together like a Tetris highscore. A beast of a drummer, a wizard bassplayer and a high-octane axe-slinging vocalist! A frozen moment in time where everything sounds like it should sound…  

(Written by JK)

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  1. I sincerely love these guys! They're all over the place in a very cool way!