vrijdag 12 april 2013

Karma To Burn – Karma To Burn EP

Karma To Burn – Karma To Burn EP
Heavy Psych Sounds – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Instrumental
Rated: ****

After they got back together again in 2009 the three amigos from Karma To Burn seemed to be unstoppable. And together with Daniel Davies and the music of Year Long Disaster it became a touring force of incredible power. Unfortunately Daniel went another way and after almost three years of heavy touring the bomb exploded once again. This time around drum monster Rob Oswald left the band claiming he would not resort to being a liar and a douchebag, leaving the world to wonder what exactly went down. Evan Devine also from their birthplace Morgantown who played with Ancient Shores stepped in to fill his place during the remainder of the tour and on this new release. Six impressive songs that feature three unreleased ones 53, 54 and Space Tune and three new versions of 41, 42 and 47. Shit dogs, it’s Karma To Burn and will always be impressive. Although I will always keep wondering what went wrong between them and the Beardo Wizard…

(Written by JK)

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  1. The reasons are many and varied and go back a while, I am sworn to secrecy unfortunately.
    However, Evan is a much better drummer than Rob and they very much have their groove back now. They seem to be enjoying gigging and recording more now too.