woensdag 10 april 2013

Anta - Centurionaut

Anta - Centurionaut
Thrones & Dominions - 2013
Prog, Doom
Rated: ****

Today we will be looking at an instrumental prog quartet out of Bristol.  On the surface, they don’t seem to fit in to the stoner rock world.  But look a little closer and you will find all the requisite elements are at their disposal: they play heavy, trippy, riffy and downtuned.   Anta play a reverent style of seventies prog with organ that can both uplift and shower horror upon listeners.  But horror music is not the focus here.  Rather, a state of waking daydream fantasy reigns, touched by supernatural elements.  The constant threat of a tangible close encounter with that which should not be is prevalent.  Such is the power and indeed the purpose of prog, to witness the unseen, to tear the veil and see beyond that, which is apparent.  Odd-metre rhythms like slaps to the head and dream-like melodies with thorny branches take the listeners on a bumpy ride to wild mindscapes.  It’s a wakeup call that whatever one can imagine has a reality all its own.  Centurionaut, out June 14 on the band’s website, is a journey to the skyborne realms of Egyptian gods.

(Written by Lucas)

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