vrijdag 22 maart 2013

The Mad Trist – Animals and Acrobats

The Mad Trist – Animals and Acrobats
PIAS – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Pop
Rated: ***

Back in 2010 Dutch rockers The Mad Trist finally released their debut album Pay The Piper to a very excited local audience. Filled with stonerpop songs that reminded of De Staat and Queens Of The Stone Age it resembled little of the 2005 band I first saw on that early hangover morning on the Bospop Festival; but the sound had improved, matured and gained a little raw edge. And now three years later after the entire rhythm section has skipped town and new animals have filled their vacant spots; the guys are back. And we can very briefly state that the songs and the sound on their new record Animals and Acrobats have indeed improved and matured once again and the switches in vocal duties are excellent. But they seem to have lost something in the process. Most of them have drifted even more towards that middle ground and only few stand boldly against the current. But those, we might add, are damn tasty and groovy. And Like Queens Of The Stone Age always claimed; you gotta be able to dance to it and you gotta be able to lure in the ladies. The Mad Trist has both! Now all they need are some lions, snakes and monkeys…

(Written by JK)

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