maandag 18 maart 2013

Liquid Silk – Liquid Silk EP

Liquid Silk – Liquid Silk EP
Self released – 2013
Seventies, Rock, Stoner, Blues, Hard rock
Rating: ***

There is so much going on with Liquid Silk that it's impossible to know where everything starts. These retro rockers from Berlin cite Clutch, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Graveyard as their influences. Lead off track “Autumn” has a nice feel to it. Close your eyes, lean back and just see the leaves change color and fall off trees; but you will be woken up at the 5:30 mark when things get heavy, that's where the Sabbath element kicks in. This is a toe tapping bluesy number to boot and it is easy to see these guys would have fit in well in the seventies hard rock realm, just listen to that voice. “Happy Croco” is a song about an alligator, not usually a topic popular among rock artists but these guys seem to pull it off in this little stoner tune. Things take a depressing turn in “Winter” as it is about ... winter (and winter sucks, but this song didn't.) The closer “The Chase” had its moments but wasn't really an album closer for it ended up making me want more. Nevertheless, you take one cup of seventies hard rock, 1/2 cup straight up rock, a sprinkle of stoner, a teaspoon of blues and a 1/2 cup of hard rock and you get a recipe for great tunes a la Liquid Silk!

(Written by Blair)

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