donderdag 28 maart 2013

Komatsu – Manu Armata

Komatsu – Manu Armata
Suburban / Lighttown Fidelity – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Sludge
Rated: *****

Eindhoven, Netherlands born Komatsu surprised at the end of 2011 with a six tracks counting EP that was boiling over of overwhelming and completely leveling stonerrock interspersed with samples. But not soon after the release singer/guitarist Erik van Schenk-Brill decided to leave the band. Guitar player Stephan Quint who already played in bands such as De Vettige Matjes, Motorbongo and GodsChosenDealer replaces him. Luckily all those changes did not effect the sound in a bad way for it is even more mechanical and destructive than before and without it being reduced by even one decibel makes it all sound more torrid and sweltering. Stomping, dragging and marching rhythms that are bursting with fantastic breaks and changes over which the bass chops away angrily. Riffs that dizzy like air-wielding motorchains and rousing guitar-lines that drag you along towards the abyss. The band are absolute masters in evoking an already legendary boorish and rude atmosphere that paradoxically enough also comes across as intelligent. The typical vocals of guitarist Mo Truijens takes a minute getting used to but fits perfectly in most of the cases. Every now and then it scours a bit too much. But that’s what you should expect with a heavy monstrous force like Komatsu!!!

(Written by JK)

Stay tuned; cause next week after a trip abroad a way too large interview with bassplayer Martijn of bulldozing stonermetal formation KOMATSU will go online. He speaks loudly but with carefully weighed words. He knows his music and he loves it dearly!

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