dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Godstopper – What Matters

Godstopper – What Matters
Milgram Records - 2013
Sludge, Pop, Experimental
Rated: ****

Sludge pop.  Sounds like a new-unapproved children’s snack but it’s actually how I would describe the sounds generated by Godstopper.  Clean and melodic vocals drag the pop sensibilities kicking and screaming out of each song to meet the filthy and massive sludge riffs which will be their playmate forever and ever… Toronto has always been known as a breeding ground for experimental music and that aesthetic holds true for this quartet from the Big Smoke.  What they can create, they can also destroy or flip upside down at a moment’s notice.  No one’s expectations are safe on this album and the band is not above toying with those expectations. Establishing their sound as sludge riffs with clean vocals then playing poppy riffs with filthy vocals and flipping it back around again to filthy riffs and clean vocals and back again and all within the same song!  Got all that?  Good!  Elements of hardcore, post (whatever), doom and alt rock all share electrons from time to time creating molecules of ungainly and unstable energy.   One never really knows what to expect not only from song to song but even within each song from these mad scientists.  Expect to be floored, expect to be confused but most of all expect to be rocked right out of your tree by Godstopper.

(Written by Lucas)

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