woensdag 20 maart 2013

Geezer – Handmade Heavy Blues

Geezer – Handmade Heavy Blues
Self-Released - 2012
Blues, Hard Rock
Rated: ***

Geezer may get drunk and surly on the porch but they don’t lie and they don’t mince words, their debut album ‘Handmade Heavy Blues’ is just that.  Geezer is so full of bad attitude I doubt they kiss their moms when they see them.  Their lyrics are so filthy I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them came from the inside of bathroom stalls.  So maybe they shouldn’t kiss at all with such a nasty sound emanating from them.  Maybe there’s method to the madness.  Whatever it is, if the goal is to drive folks away then these upstate New Yorkers fail, because the heavy blues sound they produce should have them coming in droves like city folk to the back country woods.  Yes, ‘Handmade Heavy Blues’ will have them squealing like pigs in no time.  Smoke-tinged vocals, orange amped guitars and hard rhythms combine to form a sound like Charley Patton getting into a fist fight with Junior Kimbrough over who gets the last bottle of hooch in an old liquor store.  A Beatles cover here, a Muddy Waters cover there mixed with darker moods like Gideon Smith and all bluesy points in between make this a tough ass blues record for sweaty, burnt out and bruised nights.

(Written by Lucas)

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