dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Egonaut – Mount Egonaut

Egonaut – Mount Egonaut
Transubstans Records - 2013
Hard Rock, Stoner Metal, Bastard Rock
Rated: ****

And from the north shall an Egonaut come crunching, chugging and churning with riffs while rattling the earth with their punishing rhythms.  And the Egonaut shall come a-jive talking laying claim to the title of “Sweden’s most premier rockband”.  While what the phrase ‘most premier’ actually means is debatable what isn’t is this boastful Swedish foursome hold bragging rights to an extremely heavy rock guitar sound that is akin to Load-era Metallica, the band chomping and chopping at their instruments rather than simply playing them.  The self-described bastard rock sound these lads pioneer makes the occasional foray into punkier territory, swinging wild fists as they stroll through the door.  When the band wants to go understated, the organ quietly lends a hand here and there staying low in the mix making only brief appearances in the spotlight.  All told this is a high-energy affair for those who like their rock n roll in their face and with a fistful of attitude.  And the Egonaut rolled on, crushing all in its path...

(Written by Lucas)

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