dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Palm Desert – Rotten Village Sessions

Palm Desert – Rotten Village Sessions
Self released – 2012
Rated: *****

As deadline approaches for a handful of articles the Stoner HiVe show once again has to take a backseat. But not before we at least give mention to the album that has been spinning for a few weeks now. Cause for their fourth album entitled Rotten Village Sessions the Polish freaks of Palm Desert are truly doing honor to their chosen band name. This is stoner like it was made back in the days when the Joshua Tree still had its generator parties. There is no doubt that everyone hearing these nine tracks will give them the universal nod. Dense riffs, manic driving rhythms and a mighty groove accompanied by excellent vocals. And enough psychedelic textures to make even the coldest winter night feel like your experiencing the same trip you had on a hot summer day in the blistering desert. Awesome!

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