maandag 7 januari 2013

And so it ends...

My personal top 20 of 2012

And so it ends… The final post about the Stoner HiVe top 20 albums of 2012. After this we continue on with the regular show and tell principle. Thanks again everyone for sending in your list and I hope that each and everyone of you and maybe even a few more will find the time and energy to send in again when December 2013 rolls around! Since 56 of you lovely freaks out there voted for and comprised this honorable list and with that showed me quite a few albums I did not know of. The ones that usually ended up at your personal number 15 or something. I feel it is only just to show my personal top 20. There are a few albums in that there have little to do with the genre; but I did not feel like substituting them for a stoner affiliated album; cause they’re damn good! And all of them shift position every now and again and there were at least sixty albums more that I dug to some massive degree; but hey it’s a list making thing and we do the best we can at the moment in time selected. Whatever that may mean…

1. Crobot – Legend of The Spaceborn Killer
2. Carnaval – Tennis, Football, Basketball
3. Shaking Godspeed – Hoera
4. Cojones – Bend To Transcend
5. Santa Cruz – Down On My Knees
6. Mamont – Passing Through The Mastery Door
7. Redcoats – Redcoats
8. Royal Thunder – CVI
9. The Cult – Choice of Weapon
10. Wo Fat - The Black Code
11. Molior Superum – Into The Sun
12. Mammoth Mammoth – Hell’s Likely
13. My Sleeping Karma – Soma
14. Jack White – Blunderbuss
15. Bob Mould – Silver Age
16. Wheelfall – Interzone
17. Creature With The Atom Brain – Birds Fly Low
18. High Duchess - Wanderlust
19. Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball
20. Navarone – A Darker Shade Of White

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