woensdag 7 november 2012

Mos Generator – Nomads

Mos Generator – Nomads
Ripple – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Metal, Seventies
Rated: ****

The three amigos of Mos Generator have been rocking around for about twelve years now and have in that time produced some damn fine records. It all started with their self titled debut album in 2002 that already stood like a brick house and was re-released this year for its tenth anniversary. And ever since that foundation the rock has only gotten more solid and salivating.  Their classic heavy rock stylings swirl without any effort through the psychedelic seventies, the hard rocking nineties and take care of capturing all that we hold dear in riffs, rhythms and lines. They are pure, hefty and massive without becoming to aggressive and with so much melody to offset the driving thunderous pieces the water will run from your mouth in a steady stream. Groovy and intensely alluring like the gait of camel through the desert. It’s the way the beast moves. Slowly with an ever shaking tread it moves majestically towards its destination…

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