donderdag 22 november 2012

Mamont – Passing Through The Mastery Door

Mamont – Passing Through The Mastery Door
Ozium Records – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Psychedelica
Rated: *****

Swedish born Mamont released their debut album a month ago but when listening to the sound and ability that’s blatantly potent on Passing Through The Mastery Door one would think that these guys are old dogs that have been playing together since the seventies. From the first moments on Mammuten the gentlemen go for grand, heavy, gigantic and majestic. It takes a while before the psychedelic side becomes apparent just like their sublime sense of dynamics. But once the bass takes the lead and drags his companions a long you get a sense of how good these guys already are together and that the album is a true piece of art. One the listener is obliged to experience from head to tail; from the first bird noises to the whistling in the instrumental break Woods and the final chirps in closing track Satans Fasoner. Passing Through The Mastery Door is a true musical journey!

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  1. As soon as this is released on vinyl; I'm buying a complete crate. Next twenty musicloving birthdays are dealt with!!! One of the top albums of 2012, I reckon.