zaterdag 24 november 2012

Inflatable Best Friend – DMT Bike Ride

Inflatable Best Friend – DMT Bike Ride
Obvious Records / Self released – 2012
Rock, Punk, Psychedelica
Rated: ***

Inflatable Best Friend is made up out of three guys that have been playing together since their teens. Moving from one houseparty to the next filthy piss ridden hole to play in. Crashing punk parties and freaking out the respectable neighbors of some suburb townhouse. And after so many years they are now about to releases their first aptly named album DMT Bike Ride. For it is a cannon shot of lo-fi grimy, gray, gravelly and concrete psychedelic punk that seems intent on screwing with yer head. Excellent music for an early morning concert in some worn down factory filled with acid freaks and tekno hippies after having to endure an entire night of electric beats and crusty conversations. Will all know what we’re talking about. And on some days we all want to go back there. So here’s yer chance, you just have to blow it up: Inflatable Best Friend.

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  1. Weird garage punky stuff with still some psychedelic almost noisy drone elements.