vrijdag 30 november 2012

Bilis Sicario – Encuentro de Sutilezas

Bilis Sicario – Encuentro de Sutilezas
Torcaza Records / Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Instrumental
Rated: ***

This time around we are treated to a genuine Mexican formation and after seeing the cover picture of their first EP I would already call them: Fangtastic! Bilis Sicario hails from the Californian region of La Paz; a place at the very end of the road. Which turns out to not be a bad place at all. Just a place where they stopped making roads. But for a place without any streets they do have a fierce driving rhythm, which sometimes shifts gear to make you float and dream like you’re at some great sky party. Weaving in all kinds of subtle shimmering changes and intricate little structures Encuentro de Sutilezas comes across as lost high desert diamond. A shining gem full of all these kaleidoscopic mutations and otherworldly visions. Something to keep you warm during the winter…

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