vrijdag 16 november 2012

Barbarella – Quid Pro Quo

Barbarella – Quid Pro Quo
Poema Productions / Bigmouth – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Garage
Rated: ***

Albums always seem to be released later than planned. Why is that? Anyway; the first full-sized album from Barbarella has finally arrived. After the damn fine EP Neon City in 2008 and a few loose tracks after that featuring their new guitarplayer we now can enjoy Quid Pro Quo. The Nijmegen foursome delivers in sexy riffs and even some dragging tempos. But the guys convince most in their tight hard-hitting songs. They propel you to exciting heights and keep a thrilling brooding tension going. But be advised the bark is harder than the bite. There is more melody and more room for different influences. Even a few radio friendly. But there is some definite gold here; just listen to the dangerous and mischievous Traitor, seductive Sparkle Plug or catchy Welcome To The Inferno. Barbarella, luscious and tempting like a biography writing mistress…

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