woensdag 5 september 2012

Sunriot – Sunriot

Sunriot – Sunriot
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Kraut, Space, Psychedelica
Rated: ***

Sunriot is an Italian trio that seems to live by that Desert Sessions adagio; that things should be thought off on the spot, recorded immediately and not ever played again. Well; maybe they casually forget about that last part since they do perform live. But when listening to their three songs counting self-titled EP recorded in one nightly session the feeling of being part of some magical journey is a precious constant. With some heavy kraut and space rock influences the three amici ride out a nightly desert storm like some otherworldly shaman. Conjuring up the most twisted riffs, mystical guitar lines and gliding fills over spinning everlasting rhythms and an ancient cadence. Want to soar like an eagle? Swim with the dolphins? Roar like a mountain lion? Scream like an obeah medicine man on way too much ayahuasca? Sunriot will instate a dream in which you will!

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  1. And then there's that summer 2012 demo; containing the official EP and two more tracks. LOVELY!