vrijdag 28 september 2012

Sons of Otis – Seismic

Sons of Otis – Seismic
Small Stone – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

How cult would you like it? The Canadian stoner family Sons of Otis has gone through eleven drummers since their foundation (which is why the band had to resort to using a drum computer on stage for a fair amount of their shows) and almost all of the record labels the band was signed too went bankrupt. Which is why their old stuff isn’t easy to come by. How Spinal Tap is all of that, right? Not that any of that mischief was of any consequence to their music, for the band still does what they have been doing on every record since their beginning in 1992: producing some fine ass stoner doom dipped in psychedelica with dragging riffs and echoing roars. Heavy stuff. But executed well and with an almost hallucinogenic effect. As if you are almost drowning in a waterfall of dreams, thousands of hazy images and sandy screams. It’s not an album that will top any of the previous ones. But it will definitely equal them and every one of us freaks out there will surely dig it! Can you dig it?!

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  1. All of you freaks out there have been digging them for quite some time. So why not ride their new psychedelic earthquake?