donderdag 20 september 2012

Methadone Skies – Enter The Void

Methadone Skies – Enter The Void
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Instrumental
Rated: ****

Life has turned into a mad rollercoaster ride once again with loads of travelling and an unbearable amount of deadlines. Hence the recent slowness on the HiVe. And in a few weeks I shall depart for Poland to check out the Warsaw and Krakau scene. But when one hears the musical magic that Methadone Skies produces; you almost want to change the destination to Timisoara, Rumania. Four guys that embrace the heavy side of jamming. Founded in the year of our lord 2009 as a trio they soon recorded their first album called Explosions Of The Sun. But now the fella’s take you on an hour-long voyage through the endless space called Enter The Void. Massive atmospheric riffage and psychedelic progression. A pummeling drummer that also knows when to restrain and a bass that shows which route to take to the next destination, giving air and room for the guitars to explode, duel, graze, slide and stomp. One hell of an impressive ride!

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