donderdag 6 september 2012

Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg – Painkillers

Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg – Painkillers
Sonic Rendezvous – 2012
Rock, Blues, Soul, Garage, Punk, Roll
Rated: ****

The American duo of Left Lane Cruiser has always been an absolute guarantee for punked-up-blues. And on their new album Painkillers kindred spirit James Leg of the Black Diamond Heavies and the 66-year old harmonica phenomenon Shah aid them and turns their already impressive craft into shiny ramshackle art. Add to this the fact that the producer Jim Diamond (ex-Dirtbombs) also plays along on Bob Segers Come To Poppa and it’s a full swing gritty house party. And the rest of this album filled with cover versions is just as tasty. With wailing slideguitar by Freddie J IV and keys by organ devourer Leg. Besides steamy tributes to Junior Kimbrough and Hound Dog Taylor we find charming revisions of Taj Mahal’s Chevrolet and Jimi Hendrix’ If 6 Was 9; which gets a totally new twist thanks to Leg’s deformed rasping voice. When The Levee Breaks owes more to Led Zeppelin than to Memphis Minnie; powerful Bonham-backbeat included thanks to drummer Brenn Beck. The Stones jewel Sway closes this wonderful package off with both singers at their absolute best These kind of painkillers turn the blues into happy and cheerful moments!

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