vrijdag 22 juni 2012

MAKE – Trephine

MAKE – Trephine
Devouter Records – 2012
Metal, Sludge, Doom, Drone, Ambient
Rated: ****

Like a steady Sisyphus trek up the hill the Trephine album by MAKE keeps climbing and climbing only to roll over you and starting over again. Like a massive boulder it crushes and leaves you trembling like an earthquake. The three amigos from North Carolina have fused together a concept album in the very true sense of the word. Not only does it conceptualize an idea it also does itself the most justice when heard in its entirety. That way the gliding meadow like scores come to you as a welcome resting point between the otherwise jagged canyons, deep fissures and spiked mountain ranges. Excellent riffs and guitar signatures weaving across steady basswork that either excels in slow effortless control or finishing the loop with the right amount of extra notes making those meadows even more pleasurable. Gigantic cymbals and massive drums achieving excellence in both leisurable slowness and ferocious anger. On Trephine we hear the first moments of a possible ascent into greatness…

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