woensdag 20 juni 2012

CAPA – Shallow Towers

CAPA – Shallow Towers
Ivory Antler Records – 2012
Metal, Black, Post, Sludge
Rated: **

This Philadelphian collective is lead by multi-instrumentalist Brandon Scott Braun and features somewhere around ten other artists. And just like the amount of players the stakes and their goals are also high. For CAPA is on the move to complete a trilogy which started with a first EP called The Road Is A Grey Tape in 2011. Shallow Towers in the second addition and storms at you in a furious effort filled with insane desperation and guttural vocals that will melt your ears right off. Which is immediately the biggest drawback to this otherwise excellent piece of black metal post sludge extravaganza. For even though the screams pierce your mind they still become stale and exasperating after a while. Even so; the nihilistic atmosphere still draws you in with its bleak tones and charcoal pitch. Do you see the dark smoke rising and blacken the future sky?

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