donderdag 5 april 2012

Die On Planes – The Deep Future

Die On Planes – The Deep Future
Self released – 2012
Rock, Doom, Psychedelics, Free
Rated: ***

The Australian improvisational rockers Die On Planes call themselves the dumbest band of the continent. Though for what reason seems to be unclear. Perhaps because they let the No Anchor singer and bassist pound the drums on their compendium of recorded works called The Deep Future. Not that he can’t hit the skins, but maybe because he is boasting around town that he is actually the evil and slow twin of Animal? Nobody should make a claim like that. It is wrong, and might turn an audience away from your performance. Which, when they have one, they apparently rarely advertise. Anyhoo, said collection was recorded during the past six years and features eight songs that border on indolent doom rock and psychedelic post rock freedom. It has a transcendental and trance like quality that lifts the trio above the mowing field but only makes you slumber and never takes on an weird aya huasca trip or dmt cannon shot. If and when it induces something dreamlike; it might turn you on to salvia; which is a fake ass horrible shitkick in the nuts and should not be considered as a drug at any moment in time. Not that I am calling The Deep Future a shitkick; I just figured to state something dumb and freaky to keep in line with the marvelous spooky and crazy Die On Planes…

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