vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Widowmaker – Fuck Nastan Allt

Widowmaker – Fuck Nastan Allt
Self released – 2012
Metal, Black, Core, Grind
Rated: ***

My relatives in Australia are always raving on about their island and the separate styled music scene. And there is some poetic truth in their words. Cause Aussie pub rock is also a brilliant genre that’s typical for an island. Take all the good parts of rock’n roll and filter out all the unnecessary crap. And our two compadres from Widowmaker have that exact mindset. Recorded in two days straight their first EP Fuck Nastal Allt is a testament to the do it yourself attitude and a flag bearer for no nonsense black metal grindcore. Interlaced with disturbing samples and eerie background sounds as the only attire; the massive noise bombards your brain and inner workings like a whole fleet of man-o-wars. With unholy screams and sepulchral tones you are left to your own defenses which weaken with every nanosecond passed. Both members also fuck around with Only Sleeping, Acid Snake, and Bison and if this is their hobby side-project, let’s hope they keep finding enough two day periods to keep this beast alive…

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