woensdag 14 maart 2012

Piñata – Demo

Piñata – Demo
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Psychedelics, Space
Rated: ****

With all the ADHD-type diagnosed kids running around in the world, one would expect all birthday parties to host a Piñata bashing. Get rid of some of that excess energy and aggression. Although they are rarely filled with decent food and usually contain E-colored sweets and candies; only aggravating the situation in the long run. But who cares, right? Everything worth doing, is worth doing right. Get that energy level up, space out on all the factory chemicals and let the good times flow. Just like the trio hailing from Alicante, Spain who named themselves Piñata. Started in 2007 the guys shelved their project after a year and the departure of two members. Back in 2009 they started again and toured around the country only to give the thing a break once more. But starting 2012 the fellas are back for good; this time we hope for the long haul. Cause their heavy psychedelic version of atavistic stoner contains enough aggression to keep energy levels high and heads a bopping. And with the tiny traces of their space rock beginnings, this is one dangerous kaleidoscopic ass Piñata. Are you ready for a beating?

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