woensdag 9 november 2011

Pilots of Dune – Moor Pu Dekcuf

Pilots of Dune – Moor Pu Dekcuf
Rawkiss Records – 2011
Waardering: ***

The English project Pilots of Dune is mostly just one-man mastermind behind RawKiss Records and collaborator from Attack Of The Fits, Mr. Ash Dutch. After meeting the other half of Attack of The Fits, Angel Ito in London in 2005 the two began working on releasing their own music. Founding said experimental rockband Attack of The Fits and their own label called RawKiss Records. The 2011 EP Moor Pu Dekcuf is a weird blend of Morphine, Nick Cave and Queens of The Stone Age. It starts of with the weird Fifi and then the rocking Chase The Lord and Kingdom of Fear. And ending with absolute masterpiece Drive Song which is accompanied by an awesome re-cut of the Wild At Heart movie. And when someone takes cues (and titles) from the Good Doctor he’s all right in my book and can buy me a beer any day…

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