donderdag 24 november 2011

Evil Cosmonaut – We Have Landed

Evil Cosmonaut – We Have Landed
RAIG – 2011
Rated: *****

Lot’s have been anticipating this release; seeing as their 2009 demo EP blew most everyone away. And the Russian boys from Evil Cosmonaut fulfill those expectations with an apparent ease and a zealous aggression. Their full-size debut album is called We Have Landed; and a magic touchdown it is. Its pure stoner blues boogie straight from the moon. Or maybe some distant insane and comedic planet around Alpha Centauri. Incredible licks, heavy drumfills and growling vocals. Enough space age rocking to give credit to their chosen band name; but just as much grounded downtuned riffing. Add to this the somewhat crazy lyrics and awe-inspiring delivery and you can safely bet that these Moscow freaks will rock yer world and help you lift off. I know what my next destination will be… Some dirty rotten drinkhole in downtown Moscow where you can hear Evil Cosmonaut pushing out them tunes!

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  1. Evil Cosmonaut, great name, great album, great band! MMM!