vrijdag 18 november 2011

Drawers – All Is One

Drawers – All Is One
Slow Burn – 2011
Metal, Stoner, Sludge
Rated: ****

Toulouse, France, 2006. Five guys decide to form a band and they all know in which direction they wish to take their music. Stoner metal with a dash of sludge. And when you say a thing like that, you’d better do it and so Drawers is born. In 2009 they record their first EP entitled This Is Oil and after a change in vocalist in 2010 they record their full-size debut in 2011. All Is One is the result and is exactly what the guys had in mind: fat riffs, heavy pounding, relentless speed and tasty melodies. The gentlemen cite Down, Crowbar, Mastodon and Baroness as influences. And those bands all come to mind when listening to Drawers. As a bunch of Neanderthal cavemen giddy they invented a tool they hammer twelve songs down your throat with the utmost precision and brute force. Only on a few sparse moments they pull back on the throttle. And why should they? Drawers; stone-hard, eager and in-your-face!

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