maandag 24 oktober 2011

Valhall – Red Planet

Valhall – Red Planet
Hammerheart/Housecore – 2011
Waardering: ***

Three albums in almost twenty-five years. Save to say we cannot claim that the Norwegian guys from Valhall are smothering us with an overdose of records. Founded in1987 they released three demos till 1991 after which a period of line-up changes occurred. In 1995 they had found their own sound and it was deemed time to release their first record called Moonstoned. Followed two years later by Heading For Mars. And their album Red Planet was recorded in 2000 but only became available in 2009. And has now gotten a re-release via Phil Anselmo’s label Housecore. Red Planet is a nice mix of stoner with some doom-influences and a love for Sabbath Riffs. Ringing fuzzguitars that force-feed a gigantic piece of groove with some mighty force; or hardrock with a poppy feel and never shun psychedelics and even delve into some proggy jazz. A divers record from a couple of guys who just feel like doing whatever they want. Let’s hope it won’t take till 2019 before their fourth album hits the stores…

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