donderdag 30 juni 2011

SpartaKiev – SpartaKiev

SpartaKiev – SpartaKiev
Self released – 2011
Stoner, Rock
Waardering: ****

With a band name stolen from a handball association residing in the Ukraine the four amigos from the Dutch band SpartaKiev are in the possession of a powerful and yet witty name. That sentence could function as a bridge to the rest of the review; but the guys are deadly serious with their music. Although they do not take themselves too serious and they stand for fierce, robust and propelling stoner. With songs that clock around four minutes their nameless EP bulges from potency. As we all know is hard to reinvent the wheel in this genre and SpartaKiev seems to have decided to not even attempt to do that and rediscover the source. Respect to those who started it all they must have thought and therefor we are treated to sounds originating from the grandmasters of stoner printed on Zeppelin structures and diluted via jazzy King Crimson influences after inventive and tasty breaks. And all of this without sounding like a copy or a weak decoction. Delightful are also the changing between the guitar and bass parts. And with a drummer that does not play one fill too many and a haunted singer who sounds perfect on occasion but also has a lot of room to grow; this will be a formation we stand to hear a lot from. So let’s all hope we do!

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